Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Vintage Fair 2012

BENT. is proud to be part of this year's Vintage Fair.  With 6 new and exclusive creations, I think I have something for just about everyone.

The Era Series have 6 poses each, and I'm proud to present my first male poses... inspired by James Dean.

Visit HERE for a List of Slurls and the Map
BENT. at Vintage Fair.

BENT. Vintage Fair exclusive 

Also, two props that are mod. Therefore you can tint or re texture to create the look you want for your photograph. The L'Oookbook Boutique is a collaboration between Keira Seerose and Myself. It has 10 integrated poses. 

BENT. Vintage Fair exclusive 

The Escher inspired prop has 22 poses, yes 22 !! 

BENT. Vintage Fair exclusive
Era series poses : 100L/pack Esher Prop : 175L Boutique Prop : 150L

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