Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BENT! @ Fashionably Late

BENT! Hors Serie - Tribal for Fashionable Late

Tribal is a series of four poses (one bonus pose is included if you purchase the pack)

Only Available at Fashionably Late on July 9th !
On the NEW CHIC SIM !!!!

Meaning for each pose name :
Onawa : “Wide awake”
Ahyoka - Cherokee “She brought happiness”
Soyala – Hopi : “time of the winter solstice”
Kimi – Algonquin : “Secret”
Bonus Coahoma : Choctaw “Red Panther”

                                        f a s h i o n a b l y    l a t e  *
                         a     c h i c     m a n a g e m e n t     e v e n t
  ★   The event will take place each week, beginning at 4pm SLT on Sunday. Each session will last one week. The session will close on the following Sunday at approximately 9am SLT. So that between 9am and 4pm SLT each Sunday people can set up.
  ★   Each week will include guest designers as well as some of the sim residents, guests are obliged to bring a *NEW* and *EXCLUSIVE* item, that can be sold in their stores once their week is over.
  ★  We want to change the guest designers often, so for now we are only booking people for ONE session (one week).
  ★  The resident brands of Fashionably Late are: Peqe,  Orion,  Magoa,  LePetale,  Bent!,   Di's Opera,  Nemesis,  JustB,  *Fishy Strawberry*,    So Many Styles,    je suis,    MIAMAI,    Tableau Vivant,    RIDDLE,    ABODE,    Ladies Who Lunch,    CheLLe,    CheerNo,    The Secret Store,    Kyoot,    CHANTKARE,    Tee*fy,    PIDIDDLE,    Mon Tissu,    Nyte'N'Day,    AddiCt,    NSD,    NARDCOTIX,    Ivalde,    Mudhoney,    Vive9,    BAIASTICE    and    Berries Inc and around 8 of these brands will participate per week.
  ★   Keira, why is it called '' Fashionably Late '' ? ---  Because there is already an ongoing event with chic in the name, so we wanted something striking, fashion related, and unique. Once it entered our brainstorming session we couldn't get rid of it, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!! This is not encouragement to set up late!
  ★   This seems like another popular event, should I be worried?  --- We thought about this event carefully, and whilst there are many similarities in the set up, we believe this is the best opportunity for an ongoing event based on the new sim that gives designers a way to only participate once a month instead of once a week. Just to be sure, we had a chat with one of the girls from The Dressing Room / [ glow ] Studios to make sure they were okay with our idea. If in the future an idea comes along to evolve us further from the outlet idea without making the designers lives more difficult, we will give it a go! But an outlet is a very useful marketting tool in RL and SL, and we believe that CHIC can make this a unique and high quality event to be proud of.

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